Tretinoin vs Isotretinoin – Which one to use for your Acne?

What Is The Difference Between Tretinoin And Isotretinoin?


Acne Is A Condition Which Is Commonly Faced By Most Of The People Around The Globe And Especially Teenagers. There Are A Lot Of Options Available In The Market But The Most Preferred Are Tretinoin And Isotretinoin. They Are Very Effective And Widely Used Drugs In The Market For Curing Acne, But Many Times People Get Confused As To Which Is Better.


Despite Their Similar Names And Purpose, Tretinoin And Isotretinoin Are Distinct Drugs. One Of Them Is Widely Used As A Topical Cream Or Gel Or Solution And Considerably Has Less Side Effects. This Topical Application Mainly Targets Facial Acne And Also Reduces Specific Signs Of Aging.


While The Other Is An Oral Medication Which Is Primarily Utilized To Treat Severe Cases Of Acne But Cause Some Potential Unwanted Side Effects.  Hence, The Main Difference Is That Isotretinoin Is An Oral Medication, While Tretinoin Is A Topical Drug.


What Is Tretinoin?

Tretinoin Is A Retinoid Medication That Is Widely Used As A Treatment For Acne. It Mainly Comes In The Form Of Topical Applications Like Cream, Gel Or Solution.


The Most Frequent Use Of Tretinoin Is Definitely To Remove Acne. But It Is Proven That It Can Also Reverse The Signs Of Aging By A Particular Mechanism. It Removes Acne On Your Face By Clearing The Skin Pores And Preventing Pimples From Initial Stage.  This Has Made Topical Tretinoin Among The Most Widely Used And Effective Acne Treatments Available In The Market Today.


How Does Tretinoin Work?


Have You Ever Thought About How These Acne Medicines Work? Well, Even The Scientists Are Not Completely Aware Of It. One Intriguing Component Of Tretinoin Is That Scientists Are Not Entirely Aware Of The Way That It Prevents Acne. 

But As Per The Proven Facts It Has Been Observed That Tretinoin Works By Affecting The Production Of Skin Oils, Although The Specific Mechanism By Which The Medicine Works Is Not Entirely Known. By Altering The Process Skin Produces Lesser Amount Of Oil And Therefore Tretinoin Makes It Considerably Difficult For Pimples To Grow On The Face Or All Over The Body,   


Tretinoin For Acne


In The Initial Stage When Acne Is Not That Severe, You Can Use Tretinoin As The Best Option For Your Skin. People Who Take Tretinoin For Acne Typically Use The Cream Over A Period Of Weeks Before Seeing Substantial Changes. 

In The Short Term, Tretinoin Could Possibly Make Acne Worse (A Span That’s Commonly Called”Purging”) Prior To The Acne Improves.


But Over The Long Term, Tretinoin Is Extremely Effective At Reducing The Acne And Enhancing Facial Skin.


What Is Isotretinoin?


You Must Be Thinking If Tretinoin Is Used For Acne Then What Is The Use Of Isotretinoin? SO Let Me Tell You That Isotretinoin Is A Medicine Used To Treat Severe Acne. It Is Usually Preferred In Case Of Cystic Acne Which Will Not Get Cured Just By Taking Tretinoin Medications. It Is Very Important That You Take Isotretinoin At The Right Time Before Acne Gets Worse . While Taking Isotretinoin You Should Know The Side Effects Of This Medicine. In This Case, Talk To Your Doctor Or Health Care Provider If You Have Any Queries.


How Does Isotretinoin Function?


Isotretinoin Works By Decreasing The Amount Of Oil In Sebaceous, Glands Located In The Skin. This Reduces The Total Amount Of Oil That’s Produced.


When Your Skin Is Not Generating Excess Of Oil Then It Simply Means That There Is No Clogging Of Pores And Ultimately No Pimples. By Controlling The Oil, Your Acne Can Be Controlled.


Unlike Most Acne Medications, You Do Not Have To Always Use Isotretinoin To Maintain Breakouts At Bay. Most People Only Want One (16 To 20 Week) Course Of Therapy To Get Some Good Results. Some Individuals Do Require Another Course Of Therapy To Completely Clear The Skin.


After The Therapy Is Completed, Pimples Rarely Come Back Or Appear On Your Skin. However, If Desired, After Your Course Of Isotretinoin Your Physician Might Give You Some Topical Acne Medicine To Keep Your Newly-Cleared Skin.


Cost And Availability

Both The Medications Are Available In Local Pharmacies But You Can Also Get Them Online. You Can Buy Tretinoin And Isotretinoin From Our Website At The Best Price.


Other Medicines Used For Acne?


Apart From Tretinoin And Isoretinoin There Are Some Other Options Available For The Treatment Of Acne. 


Antibiotics – Antibiotics Generally Operate By Eliminating Excess Skin Bacteria And Reducing Redness. In The Initial Period Of Your Therapy, You May Use Either A Retinoid And An Antibiotic, With The Antibiotic Applied In The Daytime Along With The Retinoid In The Day. The Antibiotics Are Usually Combined With Benzoyl Peroxide To Decrease The Probability Of Creating Antibiotic Resistance.


Lactic Acid And Azelaic Acid – Both Of These Have Antibacterial Properties. A 20 % Azelaic Acid Cream Is As Effective As Many Traditional Acne Treatments When Used Twice A Day For At Least Two Or Three Weeks.


Dapsone – Dapsone (Aczone) 5 % Gel Twice Daily Is Recommended For Inflammatory Acne, Particularly In Adult Females. Side Effects Include Dryness And Redness.