How to treat women suffering from adult acne (Part II)


There’s no better way of regarding the treatable condition of adult hormonal acne than to accept that it exists as an integral part of our lives such as all the other problems that men and women face together in their existence. The consolation lies in the acceptance of this truth together with the reality that there are now facts at our disposal about which we can learn and benefit from as we continue to face challenges.

  1. You have treatment options at your disposal

There’s very little doubt that the hormonal acne which adult women can be infested with can be an overwhelming experience.

This is so because in most cases, the onslaught of an hormonal acne breakout is confined to the bottom area of the face such as the jawline, chin, neck and the lower part of the cheeks.

It’s intensity is not only discomforting and irritating due to its confinement, despite its mild to moderate nature, but it’s also stubborn which means it tends to persist in staying where it is.

However, even with this dominating grim situation, you need to know that all is not lost as today, you have a whole range of adult acne treatments available to you.

Be reminded however that in order to succeed in treating your acne condition , you may have to use a combination of treatments.

These are the options available to you:

Retinoids (topical) – one of the main features of retinoid medication is their verstality in providing treatment for a number of conditions when they are used.

A treatment of retinoid will not only help to decrease the occurrence of acne breakouts but have also been known to contribute to the process of slowing down old age.

Contraceptive pills (birth control) – it’s always handy for you to have contraceptives or birth control pills available for any emergency.

One of the main causes of acne breakouts is the fluctuations of hormones in the body. When used, birth control pills are able to regulate and control these hormonal changes so that acne breakouts can be minimized or prevented.

Another reason for needing birth control pills to be accessible is to prevent you from getting pregnant. When you do get pregnant your skin tends to change which can give rise to hormonal acne breakouts.

To prevent these acne outbreaks from happening, an including other safe sex methods you can use, taking birth control pills will help prevent you from becoming pregnant and prevent the occurrence of hormonal acne breakouts.

Spironolactone – this treatment is an anti-androgen agent which is normally used for the treatment of hormonal acne.

The only problem is that it may not be the right treatment to use on some women, however its efficacy in dealing with women hormonal acne breakouts has never been doubted since it was first used.

It has proven itself as having the ability of treating incidents of acne breakouts in an efficacious manner even where other acne treatments failed.

  1. Isotretinoin, the ideal option fo severe stubborn acne

Isotretinoin is also known by its other name of Accutane and is only used for the treatment of severe and stubborn conditions of adult acne.

It’s normally taken orally by being entirely swallowed and even though it may not be the right medication for everyone, it has been found to work effectively even after other acne treatments failed in doing their work.

A very important requirement which those who want to use Isotretinoin effectively, need to do is to take part in one or two courses of Isotretinoin and they would be proficient at controlling their acne condition.

It’s possible that your dermatologist or pharmacist will recommend this treatment for you especially if you suffer from very severe acne, or if you are unable to control your acne condition by using other known acne medications.

  1. Follow a well prepared skin care regimen

If you want your acne treatment to be as effective as you want it to be, it’s a must for you to make and to follow a really good skin care routine.

If you have extra oily skin, it’s the sign of excellent and fertile grounds for the development of hormonal acne and any other forms of acne.

The best weapons you need to have to fight them are cleansers that are foam sodden as well as sharp acidic products that can help keep your oily skin shine and keep blackheads under strict control.

It must be clear to you though that not only oily skin fall victim to an invasion of acne breakouts. Your dry skin can also provide the kind of environment that suits other forms of acne.

If you indeed have dry skin and you are under threat of having an acne breakout, still go for the foamy washers or cleansers but avoid the sharp acidic (astringent) follicle debris removers and replace them with toners.

If you’ve decided to use medications under prescription, you should entirely ignore over-the-counter (OTC) acne products.

You should instead select smooth and gently hydrating skin care products so you can ensure that your acne medications are prevented for drying up your skin.

Should you need assistance in selecting the right skin care treatments, it’s not very difficult to enlist the assistance of an esthetician or your dermatologist even.

  1. Don’t depend too much on medical appointments

It’s a good strategy to always see your doctor or pharmacist for tacking specific problems, however if you already have information on your condition, the best thing to do is to act responsibly.

For instance, over-the-counter acne treatments can normally take care of minor breakouts. However, if your fail to control your acne after say two months, you should resort to medical assistance from your doctor.

Under such circumstances, it’s not wise to wait for an appointment as your acne may worsen during your wait and scarring may eventually occur.

This is likely to happen if you are suffering from large, inflamed breakouts or, if in any case, you are already susceptible to hyperpigmentation and/or scarring.

The lesson here is you can never regret seeing your doctor sooner but you may regret seeing him after waiting for a long time.

Treating yourself well is a must!

Life is always busy when you have a family to attend and fend for and for sure, an acne outbreak is another barrier to tackle along with all your other commitments.

Amidst all your everyday cares and chores, including acne management, you deserve some looking after yourself so go for it and give yourself a treat as you wait for your acne to unravel and dissipate, and don’t get ever get depressed and have no confidence in yourself.


You should appreciate the reality that the incidence of adult acne is a particularly common occurrence among woman, so as a woman you’re really not alone in your predicament of having hormonal acne. As always, your task is to ensure that you are able to obtain medical help particularly from a skilled dermatologist that can draw up a good treatment plan for you. This is the aim of this article and we hope it has succeeded.


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