What are the best treatments for hormonal acne


This may perhaps be the most asked about question there is and in many cases, it is usually asked by adult women. But why are the words “hormonal acne used”? The reason is that, even acne suffered by adolescent boys and girls to say nothing of grown-ups is driven by hormonal changes in the body. It’s also mainly asked because acne is irksome, discomforting and embarrassing to have. Let’s learn more about acne in adult women

A few pointers about hormonal acne

During teen years when self-awareness is at its peak, getting acne would be a mutually embarrassing predicament for both boys and girls.

The predicament would get even worse when adult women are involved simply because the condition is for teenagers and not for grown up women and so the sense of frustration, embarrassment also lingers in adult women.

For those of us who haven’t yet experienced this trauma (our turn will come),  but merely watch  do so with some understanding because many of us know that according to expert dermatologists, acne is experienced by some 40 million to 50 million Americans at any one time.

The main types of acnes many people suffer from are blackheads, whiteheads and of course notoriously known pimples which are considered a normal part of puberty.

However, for women especially, acne can become a problematic issue that continue well past the teen years and can be categorized

Most acne conditions are driven by hormonal fluctuations which you may have experienced during your teen years or puberty.

However, many dermatologists are also convinced that when people discuss about hormonal acne, they are really pointing the figure adult women who get infected with acne.

Know about the causes of hormonal acne

The main cause of hormonal acne, according to medical experts, point to a connection with a woman’s menstrual cycle which is usually accompanied by changes in estrogen and progesterone hormones in the body.

Other dermatologists also believe that hormonal fluctuations are the result of increased oil production in your pores which they claim are responsible for the flare up in acne breakouts.

Others also believe that ratio variations of estrogen and progesterone affect a woman’s testosterone levels that can trigger a breakout of acne.

It’s known that hormonal acne tends to occur or worsen in a cyclic pattern that seems to coincide with the monthly menstrual cycles.

Some experts say hormonal acne appears to intensify during the week immediately before the beginning of a monthly period when the hormone progesterone reaches maximum levels.

But acne doesn’t only occur in women during their monthly periods but also during their menopause stage especially as their hormone levels start to decline.

Some signs for identifying the acne you have

Should you be wondering if you are having hormonal acne, take note if:

  • the appearances of your acne occur as cyclic flares every month,
  • the acne occurs along the lower part of your face
  • acne appears along the jawline
  • the occurrence of the acne is around your mouth
  • the acne are deeper and more painful pimples
  • your acne haven’t been caused by blocked pores as whiteheads and blackheads are
  • you are particularly stressed during the time the acne started appearing

Then your acne is very much hormonal in cause and therefore in their natural state and you’d be dead right if you treat them as hormonal acne.

But how do you actually treat hormonal acne?

This is an intricate subject so you should pay careful attention to how best to treat your hormonal acne when you do get them.

The first important thing to know about hormonal acne is that they are usually very deep pimples so you should quickly discount any idea of getting as many treatments as you can and start using them.

The reason is that most of the medicating products found in drugstores are not potent enough to combat the deep seated pimples that usually associated with hormonal acne.

Over-the-counter treatments

If you want to treat your hormonal acne properly you are reminded that one important features of hormonal acne is that they are able to resist the remedies found in most over-the-counter stores.

Nevertheless, they can be used alongside proven hormonal acne treatments in order to get the best chance of gaining success in treating your hormonal acne.

Even your very favorite toners and acne treatments that you find in your nearby drugstore or from any other sources are likely to succeed in confronting hormonal acne breakouts due to their very stubborn resistance to medications.

But there’s still hope in dieting

Despite the failure of over-the-counter remedies, you can still try other methods outside the drugstore.

For instance, you could opt to change your standard diet and consume other types of cuisine. You can experiment with the numerous topical treatments available or you can turn to oral medications.

As far as your food goes, you can try cutting down on your consumption of sugar and dairy intakes keeping in mind that a study has established a link between skim milk and low-fat milk with acne.

You need to keep in mind the need to cut down on certain varieties of food such as white rice, fruit juices and processed foods, cake, soda, white potatoes.

However, you should know beforehand that even though a change of diet may prove effective for some patients may not go down well with your other patients.

You could also and implement a 60-day gluten free and dairy free diets which are free of carbs that that have been processed and hence not natural.

You’d be doing yourself a favor by not spiking your sugar intake because this habit causes inflammation and hormonal fluctuations which are perfect agents for sprouting acne.

You should focus more on consuming naturally occurring and grown foods with the paleo diet as top of your list.

For carb, you should do away with processed ones and develop a preference for natural root vegetables, such as squash, carrot and potatoes not forgetting quinoa and gluten free otast or brown rice (sometimes).


Once you are confident about the way you should treat a condition such as hormonal acne, you have found yourself a place in a special haven. In it you can be free from the stress and worry incurred by the onslaught of acne, especially the types that are caused from the fluctuations in the levels in your body. You are now aware of how to properly treat your hormonal acne and we sincerely hope you will actively try them out.


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